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The first session lasts 1 hour. We will conduct an interview to get to know you better by asking pertinent questions about your health, weight history, weight struggles, eating patterns, and exercise history. The goal during this session is to generate a meal plan that will suit you best based on the nutrition interview.

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Follow up visits last 30 minutes each. During the consecutive visits we will set new and/or review existing nutritional goals. During each visit the meal plan will be reviewed and changes will be made if needed to achieve your weekly goals.


Our fees cover communication with your treatment team, doctors and/or therapist and reasonable phone calls. We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Payment is due at the date of service. Insurance is not a form of pay. However, some insurance companies do pay in part or in full for nutrition counseling.

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The time that you schedule to see the nutritionist is a time that is reserved for you and no one else. Therefore, we ask you to cancel 24 hours in advance. There is no fee if you cancel on time

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